Buy to Let mortgages are still extremely popular for individuals with money to invest and not receiving sufficient returns from Bank/Building society deposits or investments. Although it has become increasingly difficult to qualify for a Buy to Let mortgage there are numerous products and lenders still offering competitive rates for people looking to purchase an investment property for the first time, add to their portfolio, or release money for personal use.

At Morgan Sterling Ltd we can access all Buy to Let lenders on the market, some of whom do not deal with the public directly, and are offered numerous exclusives throughout the year which can be of interest and benefit to you.

We also have extensive experience in property portfolio building and management and have access to certain products and lenders which cater to certain types of property investor.

So if you are looking to purchase you’re first investment property or add to your existing portfolio call and speak with one of our qualified, experienced mortgage professional who will guide you through the process with a minimum of fuss and effort and to help you secure the best product available on the market.