Buying your first home in the current mortgage climate can be extremely difficult, with each mortgage lender having their own specific criteria and requirements. Obtaining a mortgage has become a potential minefield which can waste your time and cost you money with the end result being that your mortgage being declined at the final hurdle and you having to start from the beginning.

At Morgan Sterling Limited you will speak with a qualified, experienced mortgage professional who will guide you through the potential minefield with a minimum of fuss and effort

All the mortgages we arrange are tailored to each individual taking into consideration their circumstances and needs. It is our aim and belief that we can find you the right mortgage first time and we do this by approaching banks and building societies on your behalf to present your case in full to obtain support from a lending manager.

This part of the process is completed before any application or credit search is undertaken so we can anticipate and circumvent any potential problems that may arise. Our approach will save you time and eliminate the possibility of your credit being affected by trial and error mortgage applications and running multiple credit searches to buy your home.